2015 Quakers and Business Forum

Bringing the Spirit to Life through Quaker Business: 2015 Quakers and Business Forum

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Early Quakers who were in trade used their faith as inspiration for how to run their businesses. There were guidelines in Faith and Practice on how to run their business, covering items such as keeping good accounts and paying back debt on time.  Quaker business people became known for their integrity and fair trading.

A wide range of modern Quakers still seek to express Spirit and bring our testimonies to life through our businesses and work communities and face many of the same political, economic and social challenges of early Quakers in business.

The growing Quakers and Business (America) group brings together a diverse community of Quakers who see business as a vehicle for expressing our Truth.

At this second annual pre-conference, join other Quakers who have a mind and heart for business to explore what it means to be a Quaker business, and how we can bring Spirit to life in our businesses.

We want to create a welcoming space for those Quakers who feel drawn to the business world and create the opportunity to form connections with others that will last beyond this year’s workshop.

There will be time for breaking into smaller groups and connecting with others who have similar businesses and common interests.

The Quakers and Business Group is open to all Quakers who have a heart and mind for business, and who are interested or are already applying Quaker principles to their work and life. Open to Gathering registrants and also those not staying for the Gathering.

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