2019 Quakers and Business Conference - June 28–30 in Grinnell, Iowa

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Healing Our World Using Spiritual Practices in Business

2019 Quakers and Business Conference - June 28–30 in Grinnell, Iowa

About the 2019 Quakers and Business Conference

Join us for lively conversations, meaningful connections, and powerful stories from Quaker business owners from both large companies and small businesses. We look forward to discovering the common themes in your experience of business with those of our speakers and how the role of entrepreneurship plays in Quakerism today.

This pre-conference bridges our experience of Quakerism with the lives of business owners who are weaving the practice of their faith into the operation of their business. We will begin with a look at historical Quaker economic philosophy and how this approach might impact Quaker business owners today.

Quaker and Business

Unlike many faiths, Quaker who were in trade used their faith as inspiration for how to operate their businesses. There were guidelines in Faith and Practice on managing businesses, covering items such as keeping good accounts and paying back debt on time. Early Quakers often treated their employees well and became known for their integrity and fair trading. A wide range of modern Quakers still seek to bring their testimonies to life through business and work communities and in so doing, often face many of the same political, economic and social challenges of early Quakers in business.

Quakers Today

The growing Quakers and Business group brings together a broad community of Quakers who view business as a vehicle for expressing our Truth. At this fifth annual pre-conference, join other Quakers who have a mind and heart for business to explore what it means to be a Quaker business, and how we can bring Spirit to life in our businesses. Some of us are exploring the following questions?

  • What opportunities are there for young adult friends to express their faith through business and/or entrepreneurship?
  • How might the broader Society of Friends strengthen Quaker owned businesses as they have for centuries?
  • How are Quakers business owners planning for succession?
  • What avenues of support are available for business owners to learn about marketing, accessing financing, business planning, etc.

At the Conference

Our hope is to create a welcoming space for those Quakers who feel drawn to the business world. We aspire to form connections with each other and continue to build support that will last beyond this year’s workshop. There will be time for breaking into smaller groups and connecting with others who have similar businesses and common interests.

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